# Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I wish to give my sincere thanks to Father David Brown and Deacon Charles Holden both from St. Paul Parish in Eugene, OR for the time we had to pray together on Saturday, July 1st, 2012.

I also wish to share my sincere thanks to Father Ysreal now transferred to St. Francis Parrish in Sherwood, Father Patrick McNamee, Father Peter O’Brian, Deacon David Hammes, and Carol Christensen all from St. Cecilia Parish in Beaverton, OR for all the love and encouragement they lavished be with in my Catholic instruction and ultimately to my Baptism by Father Patrick McNamee earlier in 2006.

All of you My Brother Priests and My Brother Deacons including Father Phil Wallace (God Bless his Soul to Our Fathers Arms in Heaven), Father Tom Belleque, Deacon Sam Basta, and Deacon Bill Haines all four who are from St. Louise Parish in Bellevue, WA in the Archdiocese of Seattle who all helped me so beautifully in my faith formation after I received Baptism from Father Patrick McNamee.

You all are having a very special hand helping me with my weaknesses and encouraging my strengths because through you all in my weaknesses it is My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Below is a picture of St. Paul Parish in Eugene, OR where I had my very special Confession with Father David Brown just before the Mass that day on Saturday, July 1st, 2012.

You can’t see it in the picture below of the front of St. Paul’s Parish in Eugene, OR, but the emblem above the door is a big cluster of crosses representing individual children of God, you and me, and at the middle of that cluster is the word “FAMILY” in very bold letters as us Our Lord’s Church Incumbent here on the Earth.

We celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of Eucharist in the Mass, and I had another very special and rare opportunity to spend a few minutes longer in conversation as contemplative discerning prayer again with Father David Brown and also with his assistant Deacon Charles Holden about my personal faith formation and possible journey very soon in this life into Holy Orders in myself also as a Prospective/Discerning Deacon in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as an even deeper part of our Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church.

Sincerely yours, and I wish you all God’s many Blessings my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

-Matthew James Klump



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# Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ah men.

Since April, 2006 of our baptism we endured the following attacks against us (the short list):

1) 7 unemployment layoffs that terminated our income.

2) Loss of our home (condominium we were living in from shortsale) in Issaquah, WA.

3) Mandatory loss of health insureance that didn’t pay for abortions, and now forced to purchase health insurance that covers abortion through Obama Care HS1Mandate.

Here are listed addional prayers that both Jill my beloved wife and I Matthew James are praying for:

Jill’s & Matthew prayers as a couple – June 2012 (covering the last 9 ½ years)

Attacks on Fertility

--Almost pressured into IVF/Donor Egg

--Testing difficult

Course of treatment for Premature Ovarian Failure

Not natural at first or what Jill’s body needed……

Attack on growth of family

Tested/attacked -- language of our bodies that must be preserved for Jill and for Our Lord

Attack on Daily Routine

Attack on privacy boundaries

Attack on careers

Forced to pay unnecessarily due to bad analysis

$14k set back

Loss of Advanced Degree Business

Attack on close family/friends:

Deaths in family/friends over the years of our marriage:

· Uncle Art

· Gladys Johnson

· Grandma Ruth

· Grandpa Merle

· Gloria Stahlman

· Floyd Bleisner

· John Lynch

· Terry O’Hare

· Jean Ralston

· Tamara

· AC Rainboldt

· Father Phil Wallace

We are also praying for the following people who died before we were married:

· Fred Gruver (biological father to Matt)

· Mark Hanna (cousin of Matt’s)

We are praying for those who needed healing of any kind over the years of our marriage as well as those needing healing presently:

· Uncle Chuck

· Al Elijah

· Sara Klump

· John Klump

· Roy & Lola Kinzie

· Bill Feyerherm

· Grandpa Harold

· Ann Osborne

· Margaret Abraham-Csorgo

We are praying for the following, that their spirits may be lifted:

· Lia

· Steve

· Daleck

· Stavros

· John Hanna

· Erindale

· Angelina

· Joyah

· Greg & Stacey Martin (we sincerely hope we can reconcile our differences)

We are also praying for the ordained ministers who have touched our lives:

Fr. Tom Belleque

Fr. Pat

Fr. Ysrael

Fr. David Brown

Rev. Barbara Bellous (the minister who married us)

For the pets in our lives:

· Beta (cat who died in the early part of our marriage)

· Murphy (the dog of Jill’s parents who died during a weekend we stayed with them)

· Sly (cat of Jill’s parents who died during Christmas 2011)

Dear God through Christ Our Lord, we offer up all of these dire attacks and their life changing consequenses to you Lord Jesus through Your Cross by the Power of the Holy Spirit with us - we yield to ourselves totally in body, mind, and spirit to you Lord Jesus.

In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ah men.

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# Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear reader:

If you are not an ASP.NET junior web developer like I am, then you can probably ignore this blog post as this is a regurgitation of information you likely already know.

I was happily programming along one day on Wednesday, January 19th, 2012 at Intel where I am trying to finish an AutomationReportingWebApp asp.net web application for the Visual Computing group in their testing of Media Conversion Application performance testing when I hit a wall with my default cascading style sheet (site.css) not applying styles the class style templates I just defined.

It turns out from an article located here that we can NEVER leave the default style sheet site.css named as so, or the file will not apply the changes you make there even if you edit and save the file.

By renaming the site.css file to something else, then you are able to totally avoid this problem.

Check it out specifically the first 2 asp.net forum entries: Change made in the "Site.css" does reflect only in the...

RSS 4 replies Last post Oct 09, 2009 07:54 AM by charles rhamazany (0). ‹ Previous Thread|Next Thread › CHARLES RHAM... Member 19 Points 41 Posts Reply . Change made in the "Site.css" does reflect only in the design view but not when I run my applicat... Oct 08, 2009 02:42 PM | LINK Hi, Each time I modify the "Site.css", I get the result in the "Design View" but nothing is happening when I run the application; In fact, I still get the same result as before making the change(e.g. the same blue background). And, anything that has the same id keeps the same value as previously. When I had new elements (div, ...), I get them in the Design view but not in the browser. When I delete both the Site.css as well as the Site.Master files and create new ones with the same name (Site.css and Site.Master), I still get the same result. I've clicked the "Refresh" icon, but that didn't produce any different result. I've also tried to delete the to the Site.css. But when I point again to the file, nothing changes. I get a different result only when I create new files with a different names. Is there any way to overcome this difficulty???! Maybe a way to refresh either file or both... Thank for helping me. . XIII All-Star 171788 Points 20179 Posts ASPInsiders Moderator MVP Reply . Re: Change made in the "Site.css" does reflect only in the design view but not when I run my appl... Oct 08, 2009 03:05 PM | LINK Hi, try pressing ctrl + F5 in your browser to fully reload it. Another trick's to rename the css file like for example from mycss01.css to mycss02.css. Grz, Kris. Read my blog | Twitter Interested in Azure, ASP.NET (MVC), jQuery, WCF, EF, MS SQL, ... Keep the forums clean: report to the moderation team!

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# Monday, January 16, 2012

If your are still reading, then I am grateful that I still have your interest.

With that still intact, please allow me to reintroduce to you, dear reader, our single purpose for existing as we do to server Our Lord and Savior his cross that is his symbol we choose to pickup daily, to carry it with us as we go, and to follow him where ever he goes to serve and do as he wills:

The Passion of Our Lord Being Crusified

Remember how he died because of how much he loves me and of how much he loves you.

Nothing of Earth or of Man in Human Kind will ever measure up to God’s ultimate gift of his Son for us in this way.

Here is the short form of Our Lord’s interventions and guidances he has worked for Jill and I in our own lives these last 5 years:

As my story goes, that love asked of me with my wife Jill to remained unemployed from the end of 2007 to 2010 where I humbly served my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Catholic Church at St Louise De Marillac Chruch in Bellevue, Washington.

During that time I also humbled myself to learn to trade stock and option contracts on stock to try with God’s Grace to rebuild some of our Earthly wages that we humbly and totally lost over the course of the 3 year period of ongoing unemployement that Jill and I went through a great deal of self rejecting suffering ourselves.

Stocks and Options on stocks also had to come to a close as we could not get them to be notably profitable within a certain amount of time for each trade position that we entered,

During this 3 year period, we also started practise trading a different currency market call foreign currency exchange aided with an automated trading tool called CommandTRADE FX. We tried that tool for a whle until we changed to a new trading platform called LightWave from MBT Software and the Wizetrade the same place that CTFX was also authored from.

Now instead of trading symbols like $SPX, $DOW, and $COMPQ, now we are trading symbols like:

USD = United States Dollar
GBP = Great Britain Pound
JPY = Japanese Yen
CAD = Canadian Dollar
CHF = Confederatio Helvetica (Latin for Swiss Confederation) Franc
NZD = New Zealand Dollar
AUD = Australian Dollar

On September 22nd, 2011, Our Lord Jesus Christ further gifted to us after we organized to form a business trading currency securities a way to permanently end paper trading currencies, and proceed with trading real money and not loosing even once except during times of human error,

Our gift of 100% success came from being gifted of great wisdom of how we are required to form our enterance and exit strategies by using a limit order only to enter ever order, and also using only the profit target and trailing stop portion of the TTO or targeted trailing stop, and NEVER actually using a downside stop loss.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit:

Because of God’s gift to us that has made our business successful through the end of our lives and end of our days, we continue to be forever greatful in his debt. Still we can never hope to begin to payback our God for what he has done for us except with great love for him try through our prayers, eucharistic loving rememberance of him, and through our obedience of Our God’s most Holy Ten (10) commandments that we are to model our lives after.

Ah men, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Sprit, Ah men.

-Matthew James Klump

Managing Member

PIPs for Heaven, LLC

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# Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Mako, Robert, and dogy-dog Tessy:

Thank you for letting us stay in your home for a brief one week we stayed after we lost our home in Washington, got kicked out permanently from Microsoft, and sent running back to Portland, Oregon with our tail between our legs just like Tessy in this picure:

3 of us

We pray that we’ll see each other again hopefully this Easter at the Saturday Easter Vigial at 8pm at St. Louise Catholic church in Bellevue, Washington, and maybe even at New Years if we are led by the Spirit to cross paths again.

Take care, and God Bless!

-Matthew James Klump

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# Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You KNOW you are going to have a GREAT TIME at Xiu Xian Tea in Bellevue or Kent Washington when you walk in and see it’s owner some certain PEOPLE ->->->Mako Carlson<-<-<- LOOKING AT YOU like THIS!!!:


You know for a fact that you will be IN FOR IT in such a warm and loving way as she takes you in as her friend to show you about TEA, and what joy it means to be her friend at her tea party.

Great as she is being a professional, I still cannot convince her about EXPERIENCING the MASS long before it begins in the morning, and several hours before she needs to open for the day. As you can see, there STILL has not been a reply:

Dear Mako,


St. James Cathedral the really big and beautiful church cathedral in Seattle has mass at a 8am on Sunday mornings, and also at 8:15am on Saturday mornings, and also on weekday mornings at 8:15am as well.


The mass starts a little bit later in the day at 9:00am in the morning on weekdays at our church St. Louise De Marillac at 141 SE 156th Ave, Bellevue, WA 98008. This mass is usually not accompanied by music except on Wednesday when we get to share mass with the children at St. Louise School.


Mako, would you please be willing to come to mass with Jill and I possibly on a Wednesday or Saturday morning and experience God Love with us?

Sincerely yours, and God Bless!

-Matthew James Klump



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You and we can never raise above our persuasion.

The ONLY PARTS of the BIBLE that will COME TRUE for YOU in your LIFE and in MINE are the parts of the BIBLE that you and I BELIEVE.

There are at least 331 times the Word Of God speaks IF I act (out of obedience), then the corresponding prescribed law will result as understood in Isaiah 1:17.

Act in accordance to how Melchizedek gave God what is his as understood in Genesis 14:18–20

Your field is your income, your corners are your outgoing tithe. If you make your corners larger for God, then God will make your field larger as understood in Deuteronomy 14:22–25.

Obey God, test him, and see what he will not do for you in your life as understood in Leviticus 26:1–13, Deuteronomy 26:14, Deuteronomy 28:1–14. Doing the opposite for the help of ourselves results in the opposite of blessings as in Deuteronomy 28:15–69 and Leviticus 26:14–46. 

Something that I have can be traded for something that I want. By sowing tithes and offerings with expectation that more will come back from God to prove that he is there as understood in Malachi 3:10.

The seed offering you have will stay as it is unless you sow it, and allow it to die to bring about a harvest in your life as understood in Luke 6:38.

Anything given up for God in this life and in his name will be given back in this life a hundred time more, and inherit eternal life after this life is done as understood in Matthew 19:29.

Belief in how God loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life, professes that God never lies, period, otherwise all his promises and the entire bible, his word, is made completely false as understood in John 3:16.

My personal belief in this Law of God I have come to understand as his Law of the Seed, Time, and Harvest.

This conviction I now have lead me to sow with expectation a very sacrificial $100.00 USD with our brotherhood in our Knights Of Columbus charity I know as Pennies For Heaven to train our Holy Orders seminarian vocations in the Deaconate, Priesthood, Brotherhood, and Sisterhood. The result I have traced as God’s reaction to my Seed is CommandTRADE FX (http://www.commandtradefx.com) which will continue to give for the rest of our lives…

Using God’s gift to first give back to him in thanks giving will provide an overflowing for the rest of our lives according to his word. Our proof of this is on the day of October 24th, 2009, our total equity (cash value) of our trading account was $2000.00 USD that we had started with after we had sown our Seed to God nearly 6 months prior to the day on Thursday, April 9th, 2009 after I had lost my job that December. Exactly 54 calendar days later on December 18, 2009, our trading account had doubled to $3999.64 USD.

Please take a look at the picture of our Trade Manager on that day in our software:


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# Friday, September 25, 2009

My Dearest Brothers Knights of my council St. Louise Overlake 4385:


I truly feel that Our Father God Most High is calling all three of us now in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ Our Lord, and through us the power of the Holy Spirit to make our Brother’s Round Table an Absolute Reality!


Here is what we must do (I cannot do this alone without your help!):

1.  Worthy Financial Secretary Trevy, I need you to order from Supreme four booklets #2632 entitled “K of C Round Table Booklet”, and hand each of us a copy of this. One for yourself to use, one for Brother Jorge Moreno, one for Worthy District Deputy Carmelo, and one for me (Matthew James).

2.  Each of us must read and understand the guidelines, bylaws, and instructions for having and coordinating a K of C Round Table possibly here at St. Louise. [My instructions are explicitly telling me that a K of C Round Table is almost always at a different parish, but for our Spanish speaking community here at St. Louise, we are going to make an exception to this “rule” to very lovingly include them with us.]

3.  Worthy Warden Brother Jorge, (this is the critical part) à I need your help to start building a list of names in our Parish that we can show to Father Tom. To do this, I need your help to personally one-on-one contact as many Brother Knights, Brother Spanish Speaking/Hispanic Knights, and any other prospective new member candidates who we could also initiate and get them to their First (1st) Degree also wanting to be part of this wonderful new Round Table!

4.  Once we have all the knowledge that we need, and a list of names as proof of Brother Knights and Candidates wanting to help our church and be good stewards in good service for our parish community as much as I do, then at that time it will be right for the four (4) of us to meet with Father Tom (with a booklet and copy of the list he can have), and ask his permission to officially form St. Louise 4385 Round Table of our Latin American and Hispanic Brother Knights under the support and direction of our council.

5.  If Father says “Yes, you may”, then Jorge with you we will together fill out form #2629 tha we have copies of, and send this to Supreme so that they know who is coordinating our new Round Table. Once we establish your guy’s activities as service to the parish, then we will annually fill out form #2630 “Annual Report KofC Round Table” and send to Supreme by June 30th of each year. Although, we don’t have to worry about form #2630 until we get to that point.


Guys, I know this sounds like a lot, but I truly do believe that we can do this.

Always remember that we are here to help each other and our church, no matter what.


Fraternally yours in Jesus Christ Our Lord,

† † †

-Matthew James Klump


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# Friday, July 24, 2009

Xiu Xian Tea is located in both Bellevue and Kent!

We do so love being greeted at Xiu Xian Tea that we must take a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the many teas, including sometimes the red teas, with all the wonderful people that happen to come by to try the teas as well before they buy.

  • Pros: Excellent Atmosphere to See, Smell, and try Tasting the Teas!
  • Cons: No shortcommings found PERIOD.
  • We always tend to over stock our intended quota of tea to buy because of how we know these rare and wonderful loose leaf teas will make us feel at home.

    Most especially wonderful, there is always a story to share about the teas and the ceremonies surrounding it.

    So drink Xiu Xian loose leaf tea for the love of your health, and then share that gift of good health with others who have not for love of their good health as well in our fellow man!

    Please believe me when I say that if you happen to like tea, then this place of the most rare, delicate, and affordable teas uniquely captures the tradition and storytelling about teas while having your tea party will put you on cloud nine just as God himself is there blessing each one of you.

    We had an absolutely spectacular time as if we were having tea together in Heaven as God continues to bless us, touch us, and provide for us.


    -Matthew James Klump (The Ku Ding Guy [6 or more thick heavy/bitter sticks])

    Tea Party at Xiu Xian Tea House1

    Tea Party at Xiu Xian Tea House2

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    # Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Below are three pictures I am treasuring from our Capital Campaign Ground Breaking ceremony for the new elementary school and faith formation center at St. Louise De Marillac in Bellevue, Washington.

    This was a 4th Degree moment I will not forget as the Seattle Arch Diocese Arch Bishop Alexander Brunette came to bless the ground where the new 50,000+ square foot building will be built as part of our 11 million dollar Capital Campaign.

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    # Thursday, May 7, 2009

    This beautiful spring day, we dedicated to God in natural wonder through Tulips of every shape, size and color.

    God’s architecture of these magnificent small pieces of engineering, and our symbol of Global Piece, give further testament to his immeasurable wisdom and limitless love.

    Question - How many ways would YOU examine a Tulip -

    Rainbow of Tulips, Take My Breath Away! - 2

    Dedication to Our Flower for Global Peace, The Tulip -  1

    To God We Give the Glory In All Things!


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    # Sunday, October 12, 2008

    We, the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Assembly 1630 in Bellevue Washington, sincerely give our thanks in faithful prayer for allowing us to participate in this most holy dedication to the Protection of Life in all its forms at St. Louise De Mariliac in the Garden of Innocence. In this garden, one will find a very peaceful place to simply be and meditate on what life means before the Holy Family in their desire for the protection of mankind at the beginning of life, and also at the end of life.

    From left to right:

    Matthew James (Council 3rd degree Worthy Deputy Grand Knight and Assembly 4th degree Faithful Outer Sentinel),

    Trevy Burgess (Council 3rd degree Worthy Treasurer and Assembly 4th degree Faithful Scribe),

    Carmelo Ricciardelli (Worthy District Deputy – District 14, Bellevue, WA),

    John Omunson (Counsil 3rd degree Outside Guard, Assembly 4th Degree Past Faithful Navigator, and Event Color Guard Commander)


    From left to right:

    Matthew James (Council 3rd degree Worthy Deputy Grand Knight and Assembly 4th degree Faithful Outer Sentinel),

    Trevy Burgess (Council 3rd degree Worthy Treasurer and Assembly 4th degree Faithful Scribe),

    Statue of the Innocence of Life for the Protection of the Unborn and of the Ill of our Most Holy Family – St. Joseph holding tightly our Blessed Mother Mary, and also holding Baby Jesus Christ Our Lord,

    John Omunson (Counsil 3rd degree Outside Guard, Assembly 4th Degree Past Faithful Navigator, and Event Color Guard Commander)


    The below photo was provided by Beth Lanfear. Shown below are Sir Knights Matthew Klump, Trevy Burgess, John Omundson (Commanding) and Emil Feczko.

    See our News Letter!

    Assembly_Newsletter_200811.pdf (177.07 KB)

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    # Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    We have new pictures posted for this years Summer 2008! Come share the Joy with us here (http://home.klump-pdx.com/ngallery/).
    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 5:23:02 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback

    I hadn’t been a Sir Knight of Columbus for even a year, and I have already been elected to an officer position to stand guard as Faithful Outer Sentinel…

    Eric Iwasyk is our Assembly’s other guarding officer as Faithful Inner Sentinel that you see in this picture:

    Eric and Matthew Inner & Outer Sentinels

    Naturally, my beloved wife Jill could not stop giggling while see took this picture and hung our officer’s medals around our necks:


    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 5:10:10 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Thank you all for comming out to Neskowin again this year… And just to name a few names Lia by beloved sister from Salt Lake City with her two Sons Dalek age 13 and Stavros age 6. Well all a fantatic time in the Neskowing Parade, Singing Songs of Tribute to Old Glory, God, and Country, and just plain having fun during the sand castle building contest and kite flying contest!

    Happy Birthday Good Old USA!!

    4th of July 2008

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008 6:41:38 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Monday, August 25, 2008

    I realize the blog post is a bit over due, but here it goes...

    This picture was taken at Everett, Washington United States Navel Base on Saturday, March 1st, 2008. The occasion was to humbly promote me to the esteemed rank of Sir Knight: Matthew James Klump in 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus as a new member of his Very Reverend William J. Power assembly 1630. I appear in this photo with our Master of Ceremonies, myself mistakenly wearing my name badge with my tuxedo, and my wife Jill with her brides maid dress that you recognise from the wedding of Caroline Hill and Patrick Pitz.


    In this photograph with my Jill and I is Brother Sir Knight Trevy Burgess who was knighted the same time I was.


    This is our actual moment of being knighted: My eyes are closed praying to Almighty Father God Most High while kneeling before a member of the Washington 4th Degree Team, also giving my oath to protect and defend our church including our clergy of brother Priests in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. It looks like Jill momentarily found something funny to look at.


    In this second picture of our knighting, it looks like our roles are reversed with Jill’s eyes closed and my eyes being opened (presumed of course by God himself). At the time I think I was looking at another member of the 4th Degree Team, and looks hard to tell, but Jill is either praying or still laughing, I can’t tell which. My assumption is that she is praying.


    More photos of the Public Knighting Ceremony:










    More information about the Knights of Columbus Catholic fraternal organisation and our mission can be found at http://www.kofc.org. Our council’s web site is located at http://www.kofc4385.org/, and our parish at http://www.stlouise.org, state council and assembly 1630 web site http://www.kofc-wa.org/.

    God Bless you for visiting, and come by again our web site to see us often!

    -Matthew James

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    # Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    You know your porfolio could be hurting when your shares of Apple Inc. stock does something like this:


    Wednesday, January 23, 2008 8:58:04 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    It is times like this when I can’t figure out if I am awake or still dreaming when I see new cell phone technology like these. Sprint still requires the two year service agreement where TMobile does not and both phones would cost the same at about $300. I had a monthly discount with my previous employer Volt at about 8% off per monthly bill, and it looks like I have got another 8% discount with T-Mobile monthly bill with the new job I start with this Thursday for doing testing on Windows Vista with the Windows Division through Aditi staffing agency as another temporary Microsoft contract. This will most likely go to the middle of March, and then I’ll look for work again.


    T-Mobile Wing: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Detail.aspx?device=acc8102d-4506-4eaa-bc2f-9c7b8ec1b1e0




    Sprint Mogul by HTC: http://nextelonline.nextel.com/NASApp/onlinestore/en/Action/DisplayPhones



    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 4:54:05 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback