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Relating to a similar blog at bluearmy.com for this centennial on May 12, 2017 of Our Lady of Fatima located here,

So many of us sinners were brought to that very place of God's presence to be judged for our actions - July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918 during World War I, and also 1939 to 1945 during World War II the seeds of malice needed be only sewn in the hearts of a few men dictators in Germany, Russia, the Empire of Japan, and Communist China for the rest of the world to nearly follow the enemy down to the pit.

Oh Holy Mother, Our Lady of Fatima, by the consecration of the whole world by our Holy Father Saint Pope John Paul II on March 25, 1984 that each of us recall to this day - let us always never cease to give in prayer, fasting, self-denial, and sacrificial alms giving to God on the first Saturday of each month of our lives for sweet scented reparation to your immaculate heart for our sins and those of the whole world - now and always long past this May 12, 2017 centennial of you, our most loving mother!


-Matthew James K.

Peace Be With You – God is Good All the Time, and All the Time God is Good.


His own self-perpetuating love and origin of all proves further the argument that God Exists, and all hearing the Good News (the Healing, the Gospel, and the Word of God) should not reject the argument for Salvation, but instead accept him whole-heartedly without the influence of humankind, artificial, or Sin (the world, the flesh, and the devil).


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# Friday, March 24, 2017

AT FIRST –  We received the following invitation in the mail:

Invitation? Yeah Right!Invitation? Yeah Right!Invitation? Yeah Right!

I read the guidelines posted at here, and everything was fine at least at first since I was not campaigning or canvassing the site such as prolife. Then came the first question posted to me via email in the general discussion area about January snow, and was banned from the social site by the end of day on account of intense hatred against God and Heaven from two people!

Please read:

First January Question about SNOW in General Discussion


Wow - 1st told to stop the faith comments & then told the account is deactivated.  Nextdoor is not very neighborly so far..


---------- Original Message ----------
From: Nextdoor <
Date: January 12, 2017 at 1:23 PM
Subject: Matthew James, your Nextdoor account is now deactivated










Dear Matthew James,


Your Nextdoor Orenco Gardens account has been deactivated.


Deactivating your account means you will no longer receive notifications from Nextdoor or your Nextdoor neighbors, including: urgent alerts, private messages, new posts and replies. Neighbors who read your prior conversations will only be able to view your name.


We're sorry to see you go. If you'd like to reactivate your account, click on the button below and login with this email address and password.

Reactivate account

If you did not request the deactivation, please contact us.







This message was intended for pipsforheaven@klump-pdx.com
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Nextdoor, 875 Stevenson Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94103

I am the Great Sun


Stay faithful, lets remember also more wise words given us that IT IS BETTER TO LIGHT ONE CANDLE (IN FAITH) THAN TO CURSE THE DARKNESS.

Faithfully yours through Our Lord Jesus Christ for this 40 Days of Lent and for Life.

-Matthew JAMES K


Download the .mp3 of this self examination of conscience here.

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# Monday, November 16, 2015

Isaiah 1:17; 17 Learn to do good, search for justice, discipline the violent, be just to the orphan, plead for the widow.

--> 331 times the Word Of God speaks IF I act (out of obedience), then the corresponding prescribed law will result.

Genesis 14:18-20; 18 Melchizedek king of Salem brought bread and wine; he was a priest of God Most High. 

19 He pronounced this blessing: Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High for putting your enemies into your clutches. 20 And Abram gave him a tenth of everything.

--> Act in accordance to how Melchizedek gave God what is his.

Deuteronomy 14:22-25; 22 'Every year, you must take a tithe of what your fields produce from what you have sown 23 and, in the presence of Yahweh your God, in the place where he chooses to give his name a home, you must eat the tithe of your wheat, of your new wine and of your oil, and the first-born of your herd and flock; and by so doing, you will learn always to fear Yahweh your God. 24 'If the road is too long for you, if you cannot bring your tithe because the place in which Yahweh chooses to make a home for his name is too far away, when Yahweh your God has blessed you, 25 you must convert it into money and, with the money clasped in your hand, you must go to the place chosen by Yahweh your God;

--> Your field is your income, your corners are your outgoing tithe. If you make your corners larger for God, then God will make your field larger.

Deuteronomy 26:14; 14 When in mourning, I have not eaten any of the tithe; when unclean, I have taken none of it away; I have given none of it for the dead. I have obeyed the voice of Yahweh my God and I have behaved in every way as you have commanded me.

--> Obey God, test him, and see what he will not do.

Malachi 3:10; 10 Bring the tithes in full to the treasury, so that there is food in my house; put me to the test now like this, says Yahweh Sabaoth, and see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you and pour out an abundant blessing for you.

--> Something that I have can be traded for something that I want. By sowing tithes and offerings with expectation that more will come back from God to prove that he is there.

Galatians 6:1-10; Life in the Community of Christ – 1 Brothers, even if a person is caught in some transgression, you who are spiritual should correct that one in a gentle spirit, looking to yourself, so that you also may not be tempted. 2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ. For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he is deluding himself. 4 Each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason to boast with regard to himself alone, and not with regard to someone else; 5 for each will bear his own load. 6 One who is being instructed in the word should share all good things with his instructor. 7 Make no mistake: God is not mocked, for a person will reap only what he sows, 8 because the one who sows for his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows for the spirit will reap eternal life from the spirit. 9 Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up. 10 So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, but especially to those who belong to the family of the faith.*

--> Oh Dear God: Time itself as we sense it is a gift from you, almighty and everlasting God. Every day, every hour, every minute that we sow and reap is a gift from you, help us to justly sow it in the spirit wrapped in many Mantles of our Expectation that you grow more and less of our flesh until faith, hope, and charity, our talents, and our treasures that we have sown with time have made us spirit and everlasting life in Lord Jesus Christ, ah men.

Ephesians 5:15-20; 15 Watch carefully then how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, 16 making the most of the opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore, do not continue in ignorance, but try to understand what is the will of the Lord. 18 And do not get drunk on wine, in which lies debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, 19 addressing one another [in] psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and playing to the Lord in your hearts, 20 giving thanks always and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father.*

--> We have a Duty to Live in the Light! This so we can truly experience the Maximum Potential for positive benefits in this life of this LAW of the SEED, TIME, and HARVEST in our walk with God.

Psalm 90:12; 12 Teach us to count our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart.

--> Through our efforts to redeem the time, Oh God, we will gain wisdom of heart. Empower us, Oh God, that through our redeeming of the time to follow the laws that you have given us. Of concerning the harvest, we focus on 1) We Reap Only What Has Been Sown, 2) We Reap the Same In Kind As We Sow, 3) We Reap in a Different Season than We Sow, 4) We Reap More Than We Sow, 5) We Reap In Proportion to What We Sow, 6) We Reap the Full Harvest of the Good Only if We Persevere; The Evil Comes to Harvest on Its Own, and 7) We Can’t do Anything About Last Year’s Harvest, But We Can About This Year’s!*

2 Corinthians 8:1-5; 1 We want you to know, brothers, of the grace of God that has been given to the churches of Macedonia, 2 for in a severe test of affliction, the abundance of their joy and their profound poverty overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part. 3 For according to their means, I can testify, and beyond their means, spontaneously, 4 they begged us insistently for the favor of taking part in the service to the holy ones, 5 and this, not as we expected, but they gave themselves first to the Lord and to us through the will of God.*

--> On reflecting over Harvest Law 5) We Reap In Proportion to What We Sow, “Our sowing is to be the result of faith from singleness of vision and devotion to God. We should give because we are trusting God for eternal treasures, trusting God both to supply our present needs, and increase our ability to give and be a blessing.” – 2015 bible.org*

2 Corinthians 9:6-13; 6 Consider this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 7 Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 8 Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work. 9 As it is written: “He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.” 10 The one who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 11 You are being enriched in every way for all generosity, which through us produces thanksgiving to God, 12 for the administration of this public service is not only supplying the needs of the holy ones but is also overflowing in many acts of thanksgiving to God. 13 Through the evidence of this service, you are glorifying God for your obedient confession of the gospel of Christ and the generosity of your contribution to them and to all others.

--> “A point of clarification is in order here: The analogy of sowing and reaping in 2 Corinthians 9:6 does not teach that you will get back ten fold or a hundred fold of your giving so you can live in greater and greater luxury or prosperity. In grace sowing, you give so that God is glorified and others receive a blessing. There is a promise of return, but it is to increase our seed for sowing, greater giving, and increase the harvest of our righteousness, spiritual fruit for the glory of God.” – 2015, bible.org* and also 2015, Brigham Young University, Hawaii**

Luke 6:38; 'Give, and there will be gifts for you: a full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap; because the standard you use will be the standard used for you.'

--> The seed offering you have will stay as it is unless you sow it, and allow it to die to bring about a harvest in your life.

Matthew 19:29; 29 And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or fathers or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more, and will inherit eternal life.

--> Anything given up for God in this life and in his name will be given back in this life a hundred times more, and inherit eternal life after this life is done.

John 3:16; 16 For this is how God loved the world: he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

--> Belief in this single scripture professes that God never lies, period. Otherwise, all his promises and the entire bible, his word, is made false.

*Special thanks for this extremely important case study point to finish these Laws of the Harvest was provided by https://bible.org/article/seven-laws-harvest/ and with scripture passages provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops of the New American Bible, revised edition translation from http://usccb.org/bible/.

**Special thanks also to https://devotional.byuh.edu/media130108 who also makes the same point in their section titled “The Pervasive Impact of the Law of the Harvest” with respect to 2 Corinthians 9:6 and also Galatians 6:7.

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# Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Praying with Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland Archdiocese on the 100th Centennial of St. Cecilia Parish - Beaverton, Oregon.

Dear reader, and Friends in Christ:

This truly was an extra special day for my lovely wife Jill and I to spend this most solemn centennial at St. Cecilia Parish with his grace Archbishop Sample.

I will never, NEVER forget how much love I felt that day as I sang in the choir with Jill, our director Vickie Hammes, Archbishop Sample, our Pastor Father Patrick McNamee, and the entire congregation of our faithful praying for all of our sick, homebound, and especially the disadvantaged this week.

Faithfully yours in Jesus Christ Our Lord!

-Matthew James Klump



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PLEASE, please dear reader –  I would love nothing more than to bask in these moments with you also through Jesus Christ Our Lord!…

RCIA memories in 2012 through 2013 for the very last time with our dear friend Carol Anne Christensen.

Faithfully yours,

-Matthew James Klump


PLEASE, please dear reader –  I would love nothing more than to bask in these moments with you also through Jesus Christ Our Lord!…

RCIA memories in 2012 through 2013 for the very last time with our dear friend Carol Anne Christensen.

Faithfully yours,

-Matthew James Klump

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# Friday, March 22, 2013

Fwd: Re: Brian


For when I am weak, then I am strong through My Brother Jesus My Lord.
Let's please work together to build up our purpose in this life to others through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



-------- Original message --------
From: Matthew James <matthew@klump-pdx.com>


Subject: Re: Brian Decker

Dear Brian:

I first off want to apologize for not responding to you sooner. I'm trying as quickly as possible to get through my responsibilities to Caesar (my name I choose to call the IRS), before everything is due April 15th, 2013, and also Holy Week (March 24th through March 30th).

Yes, I certainly do remember our wanton rantings we in toned to each other when we were much younger.  I remember about that time how well both you and I clicked as “dynamic duo” that my math teacher and Bill my science teacher kept calling us as. I also seem to remember having too many crushes on several of the girls there, and speaking in many sessions with Owen our counselor in his “comfy chair” at the time helping me to vastly calm down from several anger issues. Of course many of those I have solved now, and others I still working on as an imperfect being under God.

Thank you so much, Brian, for your prayers, and for possibly being in agreement with God in his nature, and in his church. I will most certainly pray for your needs about getting work, that I have some things to say on, and most certainly for your wife for whom I pray one day that both my wife Jill and I will be able to meet the two of you also.

In my job instead of career that I am working on now, I did not expect to simply trade one set of problems in my past career as a telephone company lineman to the other set of problems as a part-time contracted software engineer. In my career as a telephone company residential technician and cable maintenance repairman, I enjoyed long term stability in my career working for a nearly long term stable company called what was then US West Communications. I gained lots of skill over that 9.75 years from 1996 to 2006 in what they called globally a “Network Technician” doing install and maintenance of twisted pair copper, and multi-trunk pair gain equipment. It was stable until the company changed hands several times that caused wave after wave of layoffs. After only five years working there, I reached the top of the learning curve with no seniority, and I made the decision (a very hard one) to take my education and my work life destiny into my own hands.

My bachelor of computer science degree took from 2000 to 2005 at Oregon Institute of Technology campus  in Portland (that is now is Wilsonville) by attending school at night in order to make reasonable progress. In 2006, Jill and I sold our home in Beaverton, OR on Rigert Road, and moved to Issaquah, WA about 2 miles from Redmond, WA where Microsoft has their main campus. I started my first contract assignment for Microsoft through a staffing agency called Volt. From that day in 2005 to today in 2013, I have been unemployed for about half that time (three years I think), and employed only four of those years because I became disillusioned again on my second year doing software engineering on contract from the work I thought that software engineering really would be. Because of how underwhelming the work had become for me, my heart was simply not into forcing the acceleration of my own career like I have seen many of my peers that had done with award after award, and title after title that are all most likely their own project managers by now because most of them are in fact very good leaders.

As life has proven for me in this field, I am not a manager of other people, I am a lowly worker still producing the actual product subject to all management decisions. The prospect of Graduate School is appealing, but still to me in my experience it is only a mere continuation of more of the same at a higher level of experience. I suspect I’ll continue to use software engineering as a life skill, but also at the same time my plans are definitely taking a new turn with regard to our business we started while Jill and I were in Issaquah, WA at the time of 2009.

Thank you so much for sharing a memory of your parents, especially your Mom with me. I do not remember their names, but I do recall meeting again your Mom while she was the director of Thomas Edison High sometime between 1994 and 2000 during an open house of Thomas Edison High.  I pray that both your Mother and your Father continue to be well, be safe, be content with their love for each other, and possibly with their love for Christ Our Lord.

I cannot begin to imagine what you went through to back from Japan where you could not find advancement, to here in the United States only to find a completely different set of problems of its own most likely similar to what I needed to go through upon leaving the “safe” and “secure” phone company.

Concerning the game locality translation that you talked about, I did speak here to the people here in this office at Experis vendor for Microsoft where we are presently working on a testing application that is going to be meant to assist in game play testing to be used by the test assistant game play testers here at Experis on the Xbox 360 gaming platform. They said that the game translation for localization like you were doing before is just as big here as it was most likely in your last position. For game development and testing, this is huge to have on a resume for the Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox group, Wizards of the Coast, and similar game maker companies.

Once I got through my education for software engineering, the programming part of the gaming development and testing became so much clearer as to its need for the actual games themselves. Concerning the work-life balance issue that you mentioned, that fact is also extremely important for me also. Just about every private software engineering company you encounter will want you to work way more than eight hours per day, and are most likely companies that you want to avoid. I cannot tell you which ones, but I can tell you how to avoid them. On my public resume profiles such as careerbuilder.com, dice.com, and monster.com, I have specifically said to the agencies that hire me out such as Volt, Prithvi Catalytic, and Experis that I will not work any overtime more than eight hours per day will I am working on each of these software contracts.

Having done that, the time I have left each evening still leaves me enough time to:

A)     attend mass or bible study at night;

B)      attend school as required; or

C)      stay at home with Jill to watch TV, or to work on our business together.

In my experience, if you do not want to work on code 24/7, then you certainly do not have to by simply being careful who you choose most especially by asking them questions about who wants you for a particular project.

Taking to off to figure things out is definitely a good thing, and I will do my best to explain what Jill and I started in 2009 because we are not able to have children (still) yet, and after taking the time off for all of 2008, we came to the conclusion that we MUST find a permanent solution to solve what is also our money issues that would be with us for the rest of our working lives if we chose to simply taking things in our jobs doing software engineering and clerical assistance as they were.

In 2007, I decided with Jill’s help through research to learn to electronically trade stock option contracts instead of starting something on the side I thought was much more involved and I think time consuming comparatively such as real estate transactions for profit. I tried that for two years, and ended up breaking even from the very low capital money that I started with that I earned from previous work of about $500.00 USD. After giving up through frustration on that, I did some research on the top most volatile financial markets in the world that, again through further research, that actually have a possibility of paying us back many times over through consistency, and most importantly not giving up through fear if we were to lose some (but not all!) of what we started with because we were still in the process of learning. After all that in 2009, the market at the top of that list of high liquidity and profitability was for us came out to be the Spot Forex Foreign Currency Exchange global market.

Same as before with the stock option contracts: I tried system after system of profitably trading the spot forex to greater success, and ended up again with nothing by the end of 2009. In 2010, I began reading many resources as to what my issue may be. It turned out that the issue directly was me because of several disciplinary factors:

1)      I was not treating my trading like a real business instead of a side hobby,

2)      I was not playing by the rules, the real rules, of what actually makes up the spot forex market in how it behaves by definition. For example the fact of how news of any kind such as unemployment reports that come out monthly from the United States and Japan directly affects the gain or loss in value through either the weakness or strength of the US Dollar or the Japanese Yen in the currency pair of the USD/JPY.

I follow directly the trends that form the display of weakness or strength in the USD/JPY for example by watching where either of these currencies in their individual charts form pivot points either up or down in their individual movement. The straight/flat movement or pivot points we are able to see in these charts form what the industry calls support lines below the new trend price movement going up from where it went down, and also calls resistance lines above the new trend price movement going down from where it went up.

I learned this reliable technique from the one resource I had left to try called forexearlywarning.com.

From there I learned everything I need to know to trade the spot forex successfully using parallel and inverse analysis (very easy to practice after a few months), and also multiple time frame analysis (again very easy to practice after a few months). By using these two techniques combined with an online tool they have called the HeatMap, and also a non-US based broker called MyFXChoice.com that offers selectable spot forex account margin, I started our business that Jill and I have today called PIPs for Heaven, LLC. We started this endeavor with the same $500.00 USD we had before, and now has been multiplied many, many times over “shaken down, pressed, and over flowing” just as the bible said in many ways in Luke’s gospel and in Matthew’s gospel. We have had some setbacks and losses along the way, back as long as we stayed absolutely consistent with these techniques, then we always experienced consistent and reliable as income gains. I am only allowed to continue this activity on the condition that Jill and my prayers to God have explained to me, that we have written down in the business plan as conditions of operation, to mandatorily give back 10% of our withdrawals we take out from our profit gains, and also so far at our discretion when we are able to - our complete profit amount of the first successful trade of each calendar year we have to the charity of our choice in honor of our Blessed Mother Mary for giving us her Son.

Yes, I most certainly enjoy doing software engineering on various gaming projects and other development and testing, and even playing those video games like that still we enjoy from years and years ago. We also enjoy going out to 3D or IMAX films on very rare occasion we are not otherwise watching on our 3D TV at home. We go out on bike rides and short walks also that do not otherwise wear out Jill’s endurance to exhaustion because of her enlarged heart condition from when she was a baby that is now treated under control with her medication.

Thank you for best wishes of our website and photo gallery, it took literally years to put together and keep in a form that is well maintained.

I wish you the very best Brian, and the same to your lovely wife we sincerely hope to meet you both someday, and share even more of us you may not already know. Maybe not now, but someday perhaps, Brian my friend, I pray to also call you My Brother as a member of Christ’s Body in agreement with him, in agreement with the one who sent him to us, and in agreement with his Church.

Sincerely yours Brian my Friend, and may God Bless!

-Matthew James Klump



-------- Original message --------
From: Brian Decker: Matthew's Friend


Greetings Matt!

It is an honor to connect with you as well. Sounds like things are going quite well for you which I am pleased to hear. Remember all our silly wise-cracks to each other back in High School? "Decker-ville" and "Klump-town"? We were nuts! Can't believe that was almost 25 years ago. Where does the time go?

Way to stick with God. He is the Man who loves us and knows all things. Software engineer eh? Wow. That is VERY impressive. It also takes a lot of guts (especially in this brutal economy) to be having your own business. Sounds like it is working out so far which is great! It's also fabulous that it is something you get to work on together with your wife. Great way to spend time together and strengthen your relationship too. The idea of starting your own business seems like a huge mountain to climb. Like anything, it is probably less difficult than it looks. I wouldn't know where to begin. It is inspiring to know that you have done it. Way to go! And now you are targeting graduate school! The good thing about IT and engineering is that they will be hot industries for a long long time. Your skills will always be needed somewhere. I figure you will do two years and get a Master's? Any specific plans on what you'll do with that degree once you get it? Use it with your business? Use it to spice up your resume? Or both?

I am doing reasonably well. My mother was the one who ended up taking over at the Tree and renaming it Edison. She was the director there for 5 years or so. My parents are both well and I hope the same is true with yours. I lived in Japan for 11 years and my wife and I (whom I met there as you can probably guess) moved back here to the US at the end of 2011. I was teaching English over there which was ok and I had some great experiences. I did not want to be a teacher the rest of my working life. And climbing any corporate ladder over there as a foreigner is HARD. So we moved back here (Spokane, WA). Basically a BIG career-change. I am still working to figure out what it is that I want to do next. My wife and I both took a job translating games into Japanese in Baltimore for about a year. There was no opportunity for upward mobility in that company. We aren't really east coast folk anyway. We like the west! So, we quit that job and headed back. We are staying with my parents for the moment which allows us to avoid spending money (thank God). As you knew before, I was always a game lover and so I considered getting into that industry. After research and experience, it seems to be a fairly high-stress job. Always working and no personal time (not healthy, at least not for me!). I LOVE games but am unsure whether or not that industry is the right fit for me or not. Programming would require learning C++ (which you know). Just sitting at a desk 24/7 working on code could theoretically get old. So many things to consider. In any case, it is important to find something you LIKE and can see yourself being content with for years to come.

I am currently spending all my time reading, researching, talking to people, etc... and trying to figure out what I want to do next with my life. It's a bit stressful not being sure what you want to do. Some people change careers already knowing exactly what they want to pursue next. Others (like me) stop their current line of work and aren't clear what they will do next. We are VERY thankful that we have the ability to take some time off and figure things out.

I would like to hear more about what you do and how you like it! Your resume suggests you have mostly worked in IT/Engineering/Software. How is it? Do you like it? I'm trying to look at everything that I at least THINK I would be interested in. Heck, maybe you might even have an idea or suggestion.

Do you ever play games anymore?

Great pictures on your website! Look forward to talking more.

Best to your wife and two cats!

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# Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Lia my Beloved Sister:

Thank you so much again for such a marvelous time with you and your lovely family my dear Sister Lia!


I will treasure always the time that we again shared together, and most importantly our very enlightening conversations that we shared together such that we both have learned from one another...


Please tell Dalek that that a Universalist “in its primary sense, refers to religious, theological, and philosophical concepts with universal application or applicability.” This is true according to the Wikipedia Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universalism.

Please tell him that we also found that an Existentialist “is generally considered to be the philosophical and cultural movement which holds that the starting point of philosophical thinking must be the individual and the experiences of the individual”. That also being from Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existentialist.


In my brother Dalek’s assessment of these two items of human thinking: I say “He is precisely correct in his studies of these two basic concepts.” More to the point, I was silently praying while looking for a particular answer from my brother Daleck when I put to him the question “What in your mind My Brother is the opposite of an Existentialist?”

I prayed very strongly that he would see where this is going, and based on the examples of the Universalist further down the page on Wikipedia that he would say possibly say to Jill, to myself, and to Dalek to himself possibly in his own upcoming belief might say “A Universalist, which is the direct opposite of an Existentialist, is a Christian”.


I know a statement like that is a big leap of faith, and I don’t mean to imply anything. I was simply pleasantly surprised in my conversation with Dalek that his studies has progressed that far. Perhaps later in life and time permitting, a leap of faith might come when needed or more commonly through personally felt tragedy. It sounded like this almost happened for you when you talked to Jill and I about your automobile accident that it changed how you look on life from that day forth – about how every moment is precious because we do not know the day nor the hour when our time in this present and physical life will be at an end.


I am so thankful for the time that we shared together my Dearest Sister Lia, and I look forward to spending more time with you and your family again.

I will try my best effort to have the photo gallery pictures and blog entry available for your family to look at as soon as possible at http://home.klump-pdx.com/ngallery and also http://www.klump-pdx.com/blog respectively.


Sincerely yours, and may God Bless!

-Matthew James Klump


P.S. –  Here are the pictures that Jill and I took of our stay with you lovely family…

Jill and Dalek right after BreakfastJills and Lia tickeling Stavrous with Buddy - 1Jills and Lia tickeling Stavrous with Buddy - 2Lia and Jill after final moments of VisitPortrait of Lia and MatthewSerious Dalek and Lia playing MomSister Lia and Matthew final momentSister Lia playing Mom and Stavrus as HimselfSiter Lia ready to cook next Breakfast Sunday

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# Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I wish to give my sincere thanks to Father David Brown and Deacon Charles Holden both from St. Paul Parish in Eugene, OR for the time we had to pray together on Saturday, July 1st, 2012.

I also wish to share my sincere thanks to Father Ysreal now transferred to St. Francis Parrish in Sherwood, Father Patrick McNamee, Father Peter O’Brian, Deacon David Hammes, and Carol Christensen all from St. Cecilia Parish in Beaverton, OR for all the love and encouragement they lavished be with in my Catholic instruction and ultimately to my Baptism by Father Patrick McNamee earlier in 2006.

All of you My Brother Priests and My Brother Deacons including Father Phil Wallace (God Bless his Soul to Our Fathers Arms in Heaven), Father Tom Belleque, Deacon Sam Basta, and Deacon Bill Haines all four who are from St. Louise Parish in Bellevue, WA in the Archdiocese of Seattle who all helped me so beautifully in my faith formation after I received Baptism from Father Patrick McNamee.

You all are having a very special hand helping me with my weaknesses and encouraging my strengths because through you all in my weaknesses it is My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Below is a picture of St. Paul Parish in Eugene, OR where I had my very special Confession with Father David Brown just before the Mass that day on Saturday, July 1st, 2012.

You can’t see it in the picture below of the front of St. Paul’s Parish in Eugene, OR, but the emblem above the door is a big cluster of crosses representing individual children of God, you and me, and at the middle of that cluster is the word “FAMILY” in very bold letters as us Our Lord’s Church Incumbent here on the Earth.

We celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of Eucharist in the Mass, and I had another very special and rare opportunity to spend a few minutes longer in conversation as contemplative discerning prayer again with Father David Brown and also with his assistant Deacon Charles Holden about my personal faith formation and possible journey very soon in this life into Holy Orders in myself also as a Prospective/Discerning Deacon in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as an even deeper part of our Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church.

Sincerely yours, and I wish you all God’s many Blessings my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

-Matthew James Klump



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# Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ah men.

Since April, 2006 of our baptism we endured the following attacks against us (the short list):

1) 7 unemployment layoffs that terminated our income.

2) Loss of our home (condominium we were living in from shortsale) in Issaquah, WA.

3) Mandatory loss of health insureance that didn’t pay for abortions, and now forced to purchase health insurance that covers abortion through Obama Care HS1Mandate.

Here are listed addional prayers that both Jill my beloved wife and I Matthew James are praying for:

Jill’s & Matthew prayers as a couple – June 2012 (covering the last 9 ½ years)

Attacks on Fertility

--Almost pressured into IVF/Donor Egg

--Testing difficult

Course of treatment for Premature Ovarian Failure

Not natural at first or what Jill’s body needed……

Attack on growth of family

Tested/attacked -- language of our bodies that must be preserved for Jill and for Our Lord

Attack on Daily Routine

Attack on privacy boundaries

Attack on careers

Forced to pay unnecessarily due to bad analysis

$14k set back

Loss of Advanced Degree Business

Attack on close family/friends:

Deaths in family/friends over the years of our marriage:

· Uncle Art

· Gladys Johnson

· Grandma Ruth

· Grandpa Merle

· Gloria Stahlman

· Floyd Bleisner

· John Lynch

· Terry O’Hare

· Jean Ralston

· Tamara

· AC Rainboldt

· Father Phil Wallace

We are also praying for the following people who died before we were married:

· Fred Gruver (biological father to Matt)

· Mark Hanna (cousin of Matt’s)

We are praying for those who needed healing of any kind over the years of our marriage as well as those needing healing presently:

· Uncle Chuck

· Al Elijah

· Sara Klump

· John Klump

· Roy & Lola Kinzie

· Bill Feyerherm

· Grandpa Harold

· Ann Osborne

· Margaret Abraham-Csorgo

We are praying for the following, that their spirits may be lifted:

· Lia

· Steve

· Daleck

· Stavros

· John Hanna

· Erindale

· Angelina

· Joyah

· Greg & Stacey Martin (we sincerely hope we can reconcile our differences)

We are also praying for the ordained ministers who have touched our lives:

Fr. Tom Belleque

Fr. Pat

Fr. Ysrael

Fr. David Brown

Rev. Barbara Bellous (the minister who married us)

For the pets in our lives:

· Beta (cat who died in the early part of our marriage)

· Murphy (the dog of Jill’s parents who died during a weekend we stayed with them)

· Sly (cat of Jill’s parents who died during Christmas 2011)

Dear God through Christ Our Lord, we offer up all of these dire attacks and their life changing consequenses to you Lord Jesus through Your Cross by the Power of the Holy Spirit with us - we yield to ourselves totally in body, mind, and spirit to you Lord Jesus.

In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ah men.

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# Monday, January 16, 2012

If your are still reading, then I am grateful that I still have your interest.

With that still intact, please allow me to reintroduce to you, dear reader, our single purpose for existing as we do to server Our Lord and Savior his cross that is his symbol we choose to pickup daily, to carry it with us as we go, and to follow him where ever he goes to serve and do as he wills:

The Passion of Our Lord Being Crusified

Remember how he died because of how much he loves me and of how much he loves you.

Nothing of Earth or of Man in Human Kind will ever measure up to God’s ultimate gift of his Son for us in this way.

Here is the short form of Our Lord’s interventions and guidances he has worked for Jill and I in our own lives these last 5 years:

As my story goes, that love asked of me with my wife Jill to remained unemployed from the end of 2007 to 2010 where I humbly served my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Catholic Church at St Louise De Marillac Chruch in Bellevue, Washington.

During that time I also humbled myself to learn to trade stock and option contracts on stock to try with God’s Grace to rebuild some of our Earthly wages that we humbly and totally lost over the course of the 3 year period of ongoing unemployement that Jill and I went through a great deal of self rejecting suffering ourselves.

Stocks and Options on stocks also had to come to a close as we could not get them to be notably profitable within a certain amount of time for each trade position that we entered,

During this 3 year period, we also started practise trading a different currency market call foreign currency exchange aided with an automated trading tool called CommandTRADE FX. We tried that tool for a whle until we changed to a new trading platform called LightWave from MBT Software and the Wizetrade the same place that CTFX was also authored from.

Now instead of trading symbols like $SPX, $DOW, and $COMPQ, now we are trading symbols like:

USD = United States Dollar
GBP = Great Britain Pound
JPY = Japanese Yen
CAD = Canadian Dollar
CHF = Confederatio Helvetica (Latin for Swiss Confederation) Franc
NZD = New Zealand Dollar
AUD = Australian Dollar

On September 22nd, 2011, Our Lord Jesus Christ further gifted to us after we organized to form a business trading currency securities a way to permanently end paper trading currencies, and proceed with trading real money and not loosing even once except during times of human error,

Our gift of 100% success came from being gifted of great wisdom of how we are required to form our enterance and exit strategies by using a limit order only to enter ever order, and also using only the profit target and trailing stop portion of the TTO or targeted trailing stop, and NEVER actually using a downside stop loss.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit:

Because of God’s gift to us that has made our business successful through the end of our lives and end of our days, we continue to be forever greatful in his debt. Still we can never hope to begin to payback our God for what he has done for us except with great love for him try through our prayers, eucharistic loving rememberance of him, and through our obedience of Our God’s most Holy Ten (10) commandments that we are to model our lives after.

Ah men, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Sprit, Ah men.

-Matthew James Klump

Managing Member

PIPs for Heaven, LLC

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# Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You KNOW you are going to have a GREAT TIME at Xiu Xian Tea in Bellevue or Kent Washington when you walk in and see it’s owner some certain PEOPLE ->->->Mako Carlson<-<-<- LOOKING AT YOU like THIS!!!:


You know for a fact that you will be IN FOR IT in such a warm and loving way as she takes you in as her friend to show you about TEA, and what joy it means to be her friend at her tea party.

Great as she is being a professional, I still cannot convince her about EXPERIENCING the MASS long before it begins in the morning, and several hours before she needs to open for the day. As you can see, there STILL has not been a reply:

Dear Mako,


St. James Cathedral the really big and beautiful church cathedral in Seattle has mass at a 8am on Sunday mornings, and also at 8:15am on Saturday mornings, and also on weekday mornings at 8:15am as well.


The mass starts a little bit later in the day at 9:00am in the morning on weekdays at our church St. Louise De Marillac at 141 SE 156th Ave, Bellevue, WA 98008. This mass is usually not accompanied by music except on Wednesday when we get to share mass with the children at St. Louise School.


Mako, would you please be willing to come to mass with Jill and I possibly on a Wednesday or Saturday morning and experience God Love with us?

Sincerely yours, and God Bless!

-Matthew James Klump



Tuesday, December 22, 2009 12:00:11 PM UTC  #    Comments [2]Trackback

You and we can never raise above our persuasion.

The ONLY PARTS of the BIBLE that will COME TRUE for YOU in your LIFE and in MINE are the parts of the BIBLE that you and I BELIEVE.

There are at least 331 times the Word Of God speaks IF I act (out of obedience), then the corresponding prescribed law will result as understood in Isaiah 1:17.

Act in accordance to how Melchizedek gave God what is his as understood in Genesis 14:18–20

Your field is your income, your corners are your outgoing tithe. If you make your corners larger for God, then God will make your field larger as understood in Deuteronomy 14:22–25.

Obey God, test him, and see what he will not do for you in your life as understood in Leviticus 26:1–13, Deuteronomy 26:14, Deuteronomy 28:1–14. Doing the opposite for the help of ourselves results in the opposite of blessings as in Deuteronomy 28:15–69 and Leviticus 26:14–46. 

Something that I have can be traded for something that I want. By sowing tithes and offerings with expectation that more will come back from God to prove that he is there as understood in Malachi 3:10.

The seed offering you have will stay as it is unless you sow it, and allow it to die to bring about a harvest in your life as understood in Luke 6:38.

Anything given up for God in this life and in his name will be given back in this life a hundred time more, and inherit eternal life after this life is done as understood in Matthew 19:29.

Belief in how God loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life, professes that God never lies, period, otherwise all his promises and the entire bible, his word, is made completely false as understood in John 3:16.

My personal belief in this Law of God I have come to understand as his Law of the Seed, Time, and Harvest.

This conviction I now have lead me to sow with expectation a very sacrificial $100.00 USD with our brotherhood in our Knights Of Columbus charity I know as Pennies For Heaven to train our Holy Orders seminarian vocations in the Deaconate, Priesthood, Brotherhood, and Sisterhood. The result I have traced as God’s reaction to my Seed is CommandTRADE FX (http://www.commandtradefx.com) which will continue to give for the rest of our lives…

Using God’s gift to first give back to him in thanks giving will provide an overflowing for the rest of our lives according to his word. Our proof of this is on the day of October 24th, 2009, our total equity (cash value) of our trading account was $2000.00 USD that we had started with after we had sown our Seed to God nearly 6 months prior to the day on Thursday, April 9th, 2009 after I had lost my job that December. Exactly 54 calendar days later on December 18, 2009, our trading account had doubled to $3999.64 USD.

Please take a look at the picture of our Trade Manager on that day in our software:


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# Friday, July 24, 2009

Xiu Xian Tea is located in both Bellevue and Kent!

We do so love being greeted at Xiu Xian Tea that we must take a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the many teas, including sometimes the red teas, with all the wonderful people that happen to come by to try the teas as well before they buy.

  • Pros: Excellent Atmosphere to See, Smell, and try Tasting the Teas!
  • Cons: No shortcommings found PERIOD.
  • We always tend to over stock our intended quota of tea to buy because of how we know these rare and wonderful loose leaf teas will make us feel at home.

    Most especially wonderful, there is always a story to share about the teas and the ceremonies surrounding it.

    So drink Xiu Xian loose leaf tea for the love of your health, and then share that gift of good health with others who have not for love of their good health as well in our fellow man!

    Please believe me when I say that if you happen to like tea, then this place of the most rare, delicate, and affordable teas uniquely captures the tradition and storytelling about teas while having your tea party will put you on cloud nine just as God himself is there blessing each one of you.

    We had an absolutely spectacular time as if we were having tea together in Heaven as God continues to bless us, touch us, and provide for us.


    -Matthew James Klump (The Ku Ding Guy [6 or more thick heavy/bitter sticks])

    Tea Party at Xiu Xian Tea House1

    Tea Party at Xiu Xian Tea House2

    Friday, July 24, 2009 1:33:09 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Below are three pictures I am treasuring from our Capital Campaign Ground Breaking ceremony for the new elementary school and faith formation center at St. Louise De Marillac in Bellevue, Washington.

    This was a 4th Degree moment I will not forget as the Seattle Arch Diocese Arch Bishop Alexander Brunette came to bless the ground where the new 50,000+ square foot building will be built as part of our 11 million dollar Capital Campaign.

    Thursday, June 11, 2009 12:13:48 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    We have new pictures posted for this years Summer 2008! Come share the Joy with us here (http://home.klump-pdx.com/ngallery/).
    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 5:23:02 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Thank you all for comming out to Neskowin again this year… And just to name a few names Lia by beloved sister from Salt Lake City with her two Sons Dalek age 13 and Stavros age 6. Well all a fantatic time in the Neskowing Parade, Singing Songs of Tribute to Old Glory, God, and Country, and just plain having fun during the sand castle building contest and kite flying contest!

    Happy Birthday Good Old USA!!

    4th of July 2008

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008 6:41:38 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    You know your porfolio could be hurting when your shares of Apple Inc. stock does something like this:


    Wednesday, January 23, 2008 8:58:04 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    It is times like this when I can’t figure out if I am awake or still dreaming when I see new cell phone technology like these. Sprint still requires the two year service agreement where TMobile does not and both phones would cost the same at about $300. I had a monthly discount with my previous employer Volt at about 8% off per monthly bill, and it looks like I have got another 8% discount with T-Mobile monthly bill with the new job I start with this Thursday for doing testing on Windows Vista with the Windows Division through Aditi staffing agency as another temporary Microsoft contract. This will most likely go to the middle of March, and then I’ll look for work again.


    T-Mobile Wing: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Detail.aspx?device=acc8102d-4506-4eaa-bc2f-9c7b8ec1b1e0




    Sprint Mogul by HTC: http://nextelonline.nextel.com/NASApp/onlinestore/en/Action/DisplayPhones



    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 4:54:05 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Monday, November 12, 2007

    Dear Friends and Loved one,

    It has been a long time waiting for this, and I do appologize profusely for the delays. But it here is! Our very own highly prized and long awaited Complete Compendium of Jill Feyerherm and Matthew Klump’s photo gallery is back online at http://home.klump-pdx.com/ngallery for anyone that wishes to see some amussing history of our lives as well as the many challenges we have overcome and also the many good times we have shared. The comment feature is no longer available for this portion of our website, so anyone wishing to comment may do so by sending them to my wife Jill (jill@klump-pdx.com) or myself (matthew@klump-pdx.com).

    Thank you all, god bless, and enjoy


    Monday, November 12, 2007 8:39:49 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Sunday, April 22, 2007

    If your favorite buddies are as happy as ours are in their sandbox-latrine:





    Then you know what a headache life can be when you Litermaid Automatic cat litter box by Applica Incorporated can be when this wonderful consumer product since slice bread decides to break down.

    If you encounter the same situation that I did where I couldn’t get the litter rake arm moving again regardless of whether the device was plugged into an AC power outlet or powered by batteries, then follow these simple steps to get your automatic Littermaid cat box rake arm moving again:

    1) Un plug all power supplies from any AC outlet and remove all batteries.

    2) Where the rake arm would normally move all the way up to the receptical side to depress to two switches: Press both of these rake arm retraction switches, simultaneously ten times, and in a row as shown in this picture. The switches are located at the end of each track on each side of the litter box:

    3) Wait 5 minutes.

    4) Plug you AC power back in or put your batteries back into the Littermaid cat box.

    5)  Your scoop/rake arm should be moving once again, and everything as working again just fine!

    If these touble shoot steps helpped for you, please feel free to comment your experience below.

    Sunday, April 22, 2007 4:27:05 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Tuesday, March 27, 2007
    In the infancy of my career as a beginner programmer, I learned from the very beginning that planning and design is usually 60% of our work, and following through with implementation is 40% of what we do. Deploying a server is no different from deciding exactly on the topology of the server, to the thumb twidling of waiting for the status bar to reach 100%. In the end, a machine that started out as a workstation will never be a server, and reciprocally a sever will never be a workstation. My reality consumed a good two months in the wrong direction, and my hope is will help as a warning from my experience.
    Tuesday, March 27, 2007 5:08:10 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Sunday, December 24, 2006

    I wish to dedicate this public message to all my friends of old who are continuing to try their best to make the most of life:

    The first part of this post I would like to further dedicate to Karen Hansen, who I finally had the distinct honor of meeting with her new husband after 25 years of life in separate directions at Linda Gustofson’s Chocolate and Champagne party. Karen, if you are able to read this, send me an email, so that we add you to our Christmas Card list, and of course if you ever happen to be in the Seattle area or just wish to write back and forth. If you ever wish to chat, I can be found on MSN Messenger under my email for login (matthew@klump-pdx.com). If would also be great if we could get your email address as well as your husband’s so we can stay in touch. I will send an email to my sister Sara just in case you happen to contact her.

    Erindale Cannon:


    My wife Jill with Erindale’s new baby Angelina:


    Joya was not with Erindale when she took baby Angelina with her that day to Jill’s and Erindale’s favorite Coffee Shop in downtown Monmouth. We did, however, finally get to meet baby Joya again that day since she was experiencing a “time out” earlier that day by the surigate parents Grandma and Grandpa. Joya is growing up very quickly into the young toddler she is now. I was not able to capture a picture of her, but the best was I could describe her is very healthy for a child her age, eyes of both her Mother and her Father, and long brown curls of locks.

    We wish you the best, Erindale, Joya, and now baby Angelina. May you all find room in your hearts to bring your father, Art Mcgee, back into your lives as a complete and loving family once again… In Jesus name, we pray for this to be a reality, ah men…


    Sunday, December 24, 2006 2:39:37 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Friday, October 6, 2006

    By now you probably noticed several new photos that were posted from events occurring over the summer. If you haven’t checked that out yet, it may be found here. I haven’t yet had a chance to clean up the comment spam left by several other visitor, so if you wish to comment on any of the pictures there, please use this link to do so. This particular gallery is hosted from home, so please be forgiving if your connection is slow. Thing started off with a BANG, this summer with the first event being the Renaissance and Fantasy Fare in Gigharbor, Washington, next it was off to the Yamhill Valley Winery for wine tasting through Neighborhood House Association with offices in Multnomah Village of Portland, OR. About three weeks later after that we went waver runner ridding with my man Greg Martin, and also hiking  out by Snoqualmie-Pasqualmie (sorry for the pun) Falls for a short Jill hike to see the falls, the power generation station, and the great Lodge that is there at Snoqualmie. Great prices I hear for the loading… A few weeks later after that it was off to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands where Jill’s parent purchased a new vacation home, soon to be retirement home. We most especially enjoyed the the sunset just over Victoria Island on the other side of the channel. It was also a tremendous pleasure to Orcas out hunting for food in the channel on just the opposite side of the Island. Too bad I wasn’t able to get a good enough photo to be seen to place with the other photographs. The light house you can see there is the vantage point from where we saw the whales. The final and of course must relaxing time I was able to enjoy with just one day with Grandpa and I fishing at the inlet to the Salmon River. The fish you seen me holding there is a 27 pound fish I caught out by a part of the inlet our guide called “The Trojan’s Helmet” and that I’m barely able to lift becuase of it being so full of meat and salmon eggs. Yes, I just so happen to catch and eat a fall Chinook Salmon that was on her way up river lay her eggs in louse gravel to continue the population of the Chinook Salmon species, right up until the point she smelled the herring bate at the end of my fish hook. The fish that you see Grandpa holding is a 15 pound fish that our tour guide, Scilus, had hooked and Grandpa had reeled in.

    This first week of October has been kind of depressing is I lost my first opportunity at full time with Microsoft since I am still a hard working software engineer. This second weekend may even get more depressing since taxes for the precious year is due by the end of this month, oh woopty-do, lucky me. Generally speaking about life as a human on Earth, we must balance the good with the bad, and hope someday to be in a place we never have to worry about loss, hurt and suffering again.


    Friday, October 6, 2006 5:08:23 PM UTC  #    Comments [2]Trackback
    # Monday, August 14, 2006

    Instead of our typical stay at home Friday evening and watch Stargate Science Fiction, we spent a wonderful and relaxing evening at the horse races when we were unexpectedly invited by Jill’s work place American Engineering to come on down and enjoy the races at Emerald Downs Horse Race Track. I have to admit to you all that I did my best to understand how to read the statistics sheet for who is going to be the next winning horse, but I untimately conceided to my own inability and left all the betting up to Jill:






    Monday, August 14, 2006 10:05:17 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Friday, February 24, 2006

    I have lived in Portland, Oregon for nearly twenty nine years now, and it seems that no matter what we decide to do with our lives that God always has the final say in who stays and who goes including circumstantial events in our lives that just so happen to appear out of no where. Yes sir, whether we like it or not, God is always there helping us to get out of jam ups along the road of life.

    That just so happened to be true at this time in my life because I have applied for and have been accepted to work at Microsoft in Redmond, WA doing Windows CE mobile development testing. So naturally Rory Blyth’s discussion on Windows Mobile will be a huge benefit for what I’ll be assigned to do. God is leading me North out of Oregon in virtually the same way he lead the Hebrews out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, and he is not being subtle about this since we’re having to leave many family and friends behind.

    As we embark on this fantastic journey down the road of life, we remember all the good times spent in and around all of Oregon from the cost, to the cascade mountains to the high deserts and lava caves. We will miss you Oregon, and also be right next door!

    Friday, February 24, 2006 2:45:55 PM UTC  #    Comments [1]Trackback
    # Thursday, November 3, 2005

    I “again” need to remind anyone who may choose to read this online diary that all of the opinions, views, and feeling expressed here are explicitly my OWN and DO NOT necessarily reflect ANY ONE ELSE’S including co-workers, family, friends, or casual relationships. I strongly encourage everyone who does read my personal thoughts to leave comments at the bottom by using this link.

    I write this entry publicly because I understand how important words and experiences like this can make other people (such as yourself who are reading this feel very good inside).

    I can tell you that when I experienced my first Christian mass that took place in the middle of the chaotic work week, which also happened to be on All Saints Day of Celebration, I was converted inside my heart from an only partial belief to a full-fledged believer of the Catholic Faith. This took place just as I happened to be at one of my low self-esteem moments with still trying to find work.

    It has now been three days since I was converted to the way of Christ in my heart from November 1st, 2005. And on that third day, I felt it very important to make a personal reconciliation with Christ that I now share with whom ever is reading this to make my penance more public in nature, and personally more real for myself that I will never consciously give into temptation ever again, and thank Christ for all my Earthly Blessings.

    I ask that Christ and God forgive my biological father Fredrick for the things he did in life, and to seriously look at his last act of selfless sacrifice before he gave up his spirit in death for the safety of a perfect stranger. I also ask that Christ and God forgive my Cousin, Mark Arthur Hanna, for unwisely letting an impaired friend do the driving before the accident. I ask that Christ and God bless all our dearly beloved that have passed into your heavenly kingdom and your care dear Lord.

    I have not yet found exactly who my Patron Saint is, but I sincerely hope through prayer, meditation, research, and my name which so happens to be Matthew James, that I might discover who this is.

    On April 16, 2006, I will receive my full confirmation into the Catholic Faith, yet I am already prepared to give up everything to follow Christ.

    Thank you for everything, and to you for sharing in this prayer to Christ our Lord, ah men.

    Thursday, November 3, 2005 10:05:49 PM UTC  #    Comments [1]Trackback
    # Friday, July 1, 2005

    It feels great to finally be back from our long June vacation back to the mid-west to spread the word about this monumental academic achievement. Oregon Tech truly has given me height for my level of skill with programming, and I know I can carry this with me like I mentioned in my commencement address “for the rest of my life,” as expected of me with the talents I’ve always had, and until now have been able to almost fully develop.

    The two people I still owe a huge debt to for sticking with me through all the tough times with at home project dead lines, Jill my beautiful wife, and Jay Bockelman the Oregon Tech Portland, Software Engineering Program Director. I could not have asked for a better friend and mentor through over two years of a Mentor/Pier relationship as we walked through the whole software conception, design, development, and testing iteratively driven development process not once, but twice! Here are the two best photographs that captured these moments in time:

    The Official Senior Project Completion Hand ShakeBest picture of Jill with myself holding the new Degree with Jay Bockelman

    Of course none of the above exceptional moments in time would have been possible if it weren’t for the most software and logic puzzle project anyone may have conceived: The 3–Dimensional Hidden Word Puzzle Generator and Solver Ultimate Project: The Puzzler – 3D Style! Maybe some day, in a later version, this will also have the ultimate 3–Dimensional Hidden Word Cube Puzzle Displayer as well. In other words, actually use another 3D render technology some day such as OpenGL or FLASH! to make the cube more visible.

    Here are my favorite senior project exposition photographs:

    Another Look at my Senior Project Setup and Presentation

    Showing Off Senior Project with my Wife - Jill FeyerhermMy Wife - Jill Feyerherm Proudly Displaying Over an entire YEAR Worth of Blood, Sweat, Trial and Error, and Months Worth of Tears

    The entire endeavour took just slightly over a year to conceive the idea of, design from scratch, build, test, document, and release for the exposition. The binder itself is a little of a thousand five hundred (1,500) pages of original design notes, testing material, and documentation (all of which amounted to about two thirds (2/3) of the binder’s volume). The remaining third of the binder was code all done with .NET technologies.

    For all of you who I did not name, and you most definitely know who you are, I thank you and appreciate you for helping to advance my software engineering career.

    Friday, July 1, 2005 7:23:15 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Friday, March 25, 2005

    The Roomba Robot vacuum cleaner by IRobot has saved us more time by taking care of the vacuuming chore than any of our other house hold investments time ten! Like the self-propelled dirt-magnet that it is, it took care of all three levels of our house in the same day... As a result it has more than paid for itself.

    As long as the brushes and its sensor are kept clean and the battery charged, our Roomba should last indefinitely and quite frankly as a result, we're going to donate or $250 upright vacuum! If you would like to REALLY take to steps to simplify keeping your house clean, you'd go here to check out the Roomba by IRobot. I'm not trying to be a salesman folks, for the money, this device could really make life much more bearable for you.

    Friday, March 25, 2005 7:11:48 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Wednesday, March 9, 2005

    For years and years, my Dad has been a strong advocate of the “Work Hard and Play Hard” ideology, and quite frankly I couldn't agree more with him on the subject. So, for an entire weekend about a week ago while mom was out of town in Palm Springs with her friends, it was just myself and my Dad, John Klump.

    Neither he nor his business owns or maintains a website of any kind, which is perfectly okay when you own and operate an Insurance Agency as successful and influencial in Oregon as Anchor Insurance & Surety Inc is. The link I've posted is for a google search of his business name.

    It had been what seems alomost over a year since it was just the two of us playing hard at Neskowin Oregon after such a long time of working hard. Here we are with that over-spunked pooch of their's GRETA looking to see what car or person to chase after next:

    Wednesday, March 9, 2005 11:20:48 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback

    When you've been working really hard and you need to take a break from it all on a Friday night, it's a fact that pizza just isn't the same without spending it at Nona Emilia's Italian Restaurant consuming mass quantities of peperoni and cheese pizza with Rich Claussen! Check us out...

    Wednesday, March 9, 2005 10:42:39 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Monday, February 21, 2005

    One of the finer places in Portland to relax in Portland is most definitely the Portland Chinese Garden. Although we haven't made it a habit of going on a regular basis, but right around this time of year, the garden erupts with music, song, and dance. This year for Chinese New Year's, it is the New Year of the Rooster. The song and festivities most definitely reflected this! In this photo, both Jill and I are taking our time in Tao's Tea House at the Garden with afternoon Emperor's Gold Tea and Tarra Root Moon Cakes.

    Monday, February 21, 2005 7:39:11 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Thursday, February 17, 2005
    You know you're a nerd when:
    1. In order to get its attention, you have to turn them on.
    2. It has a lot of data but is still clueless.
    3. It is supposed to help you solve your problems, but half the time it IS the problem.
    4. As soon as you commit to it, you realize that, if you had waited a little longer, you could have had a better model.
    5. No one but you understands its internal logic.
    6. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else accept you.
    7. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.
    8. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.
    Special Thanks to Tanja Markwart and Lunch Break Commics.
    Thursday, February 17, 2005 10:02:27 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Thursday, January 6, 2005

    Last Wednesday night, our gang (Jill my wife, Friend Erindale with her daughter Joya), had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with Heather Alexander for the night listening to some great Celtic Fiddle Tunes and Johny McEldoo drum beats at the Luck Labrador in Multnomah Village!

    Having to deal with Senior Project on a near full-time basis was the perfect distraction for just a few short hours. Here is our portrait:


    Thursday, January 6, 2005 9:17:44 PM UTC  #    Comments [2]Trackback
    # Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    This is in my response to the revolution started by Rory's post here. I know this is a little late reaction with senior project in progress, but here goes:

    I'd have to say that the best damn book *ever* I've read, the one book that turned my life upside down, the one book that forced me to throw away the chains of emotional survitude to people that did not care, the one book that made me strive to climb to the highest levels of being the “nerdy engineer” I am today is: <<drum roll please>>

    You Can Become a Super Salesman!!” by Paul R Kenian

    You guessed it folks, when I was handed this by the multi-level marketing freek show at Quixtar, it made more sense to have choice B) the life of a dedicated engineer, than choice A) their way, or any one else's (no reference to my current employer is being inferred in this post or any other for that matter).

    No one at “the phone company” reads my blog of any kind, so I'll leave that blasted disclaimer off.

    If any one reading this has a similar story to tell, please do! Blog it, email it, comment on it, but DO NOT keep it caged! Let the animal out every once and a while WITH OUT the disclaimer...

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004 9:46:56 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Friday, November 19, 2004
    Last weekend we found a gorgious feline friend that we just had to rescue from the Sherwood Cat Adoption team. Her name is "Beta." Her name was inspired by the up and coming "beta" test phase for my Senior Project, The Puzzler - 3D Style.

    Check it out, more pictures available at this location.

    Friday, November 19, 2004 5:12:23 AM UTC  #    Comments [3]Trackback
    # Saturday, November 6, 2004

    We had a great time on Halloween Night! My wife Jill went as “Arwen” of Rivendell, I went as “Aragon Son of Arathorn” complete with props, and friend Erindal with her young one Joya went as “The Good Fairly” and “The Princess To Be” respectively.

    Calling all Hallow's Eve party throwers! If you're throwing a Halloween bash next year PLEASE EMAIL --> matthew@klump-pdx.com.

    We had a great time at the Hillsboro Community Halloween Party, here's our gang (Art Mcgee was behind the camera at the time):


    Saturday, November 6, 2004 10:23:44 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Monday, September 20, 2004

    We just got back from London England Not long ago, and what a tremendous adventure it was! Our photograph collection is available for your inspection here. Have fun and don't forget to leave comments!

    Monday, September 20, 2004 8:59:04 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Thursday, September 2, 2004

    I could see it now just as the plane pulls up into the London Airport:

    An observer just happens to look upon our group disembarking a 747 just in from Seattle International Airport, “Sweet heart, who's that guy over there with the two quart tankard hanging from his belt, the fourteen megapixel camera around his neck, and the custom build Pocket PC on his other belt? I'll bet he's one of those traveling tourist nerds we've heard so much about!”

    We any way, I hope we don't sick out (like a handful of soure thumbs) that much while we're in London, but I do hope to make a lasting on the people I meet of how much I love technology. Especially while being a tourist!

    We'll be off this Saturday the 4th returning the 11th. Please take note every one, I hope to see all of you back to our site to comment on said photos that could very well be six megapixel or better! So visit now and often, and we'll see every one back here in the not so distant future.

    Thursday, September 2, 2004 10:58:53 PM UTC  #    Comments [1]Trackback
    # Saturday, August 14, 2004

    For our generation 9/11/2001 was truely an event no American will forget. This blog entry is dedicated to all the thoughts and events going on in our lives on that fateful day.

    I implore any one reading this entry to reach back into your mind to that day. Where were you at the time, and what were you thinking when you first got the news?

    For myself, I got a call from my wife about 7:45am exclaiming, “Quick, turn your radio to 820am!” The next thirty minutes completely stunned me. The rest of the that day was sent home from work, glued to the television...

    Was Bush's reaction adequite? Did the 9/11 Comission correctly rule that this event had no one to blame other than Osama and Al-Qiada?

    Saturday, August 14, 2004 3:17:10 AM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback
    # Thursday, August 12, 2004

    Scott Hanselman just got back from a vacation at Disneyland, CA and offers his perspective on visiting The Magic Kingdom. I must say I really got a kick out of it! Check it out here.

    Thursday, August 12, 2004 8:58:49 PM UTC  #    Comments [0]Trackback