This was Father Phill's most favorite place to walk, think, recharge, pray while still around other wonderful people.  In general to be with God among other Souls and amoung Creation still close to Home and to Church. These pictures were taken the July 10th, 2015 the day of Sister Margaret Abraham-Csorgo's Funeral Mass and our Music Director at St. Louise De Marilac Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington. They both passed on to Heaven we believe through All Mighty and Everlasting God, Lord Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit as a result of cancer. Father Phill and Sister Margaret, please pray for us who are still here!

-Matthew James K

Peace Be With You – God is Good All the Time, and All the Time God is Good.


His own self-perpetuating love and origin of all proves further the argument that God Exists, and all hearing the Good News (the Healing, the Gospel, and the Word of God) should not reject the argument for Salvation, but instead accept him whole-heartedly without the influence of humankind, artificial, or Sin (the world, the flesh, and the devil).


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Matthew James k:

Matthew James k

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